Leighton Buzzard Funeral Directors Since 1923


Funeral Planning

The first decision to be made for any funeral service is whether it is a burial or a cremation. You will also need to decide where the service will be held, this may be at a church or place of worship, at a crematorium, at the graveside or somewhere else. In the case of cremation, there can be a service at a church combined with a shorter service at the crematorium chapel.

The arranging of the funeral service involves many elements. We will take care of all of the details. We will listen carefully to your requirements, help you make important and difficult decisions, liaise with third parties, and are responsible for ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day.

We will guide you through the options when you have to make decisions about the arrangements.


We offer a wide range of traditional, colourful and eco-friendly coffins and are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Funeral Vehicles

The hearse and limousines with chauffeur and sufficient bearers form an important part of the service we provide.

Limousines are charged for separately ensuring that a family are not charged for something they may not need.  Horse drawn hearse or motorbike hearse can be obtained if preferred.

Chapel of Rest

We have a chapel of rest at our premises and visits by appointment may be made during normal working hours.  Please give us some notice of an intended visit so that the necessary arrangements may be made and delay avoided.

Funeral Stationery

We use Rush & Warwick Ltd printers based in Leighton Buzzard for Orders of Service.  These can be personalised with photographs as required.  However, it is essential that we have instructions as early as possible in order to prepare a draft for approval, prior to the funeral.  The finished copies will then be delivered to the church or crematorium by our staff.


We would be pleased to help compile obituary notices for local and national newspapers and to place there on your behalf.


Floral tributes may be sent to our office on the day of the funeral.  These can then be placed in position before the hearse leaves for the funeral.


Donations in lieu of flowers may be made through our office.  Cheques should be made payable to the nominated charity with the name of the deceased and donor written clearly on the back.  We usually collect donations for four weeks, at which time we send a list of all the donors and the overall total collected to the person who has arranged the funeral.  After a further thirty days the donations are then forwarded to the nominated charity unless the family wish to send them personally.

Fees and Disbursements

We make all payments to Clergy, Crematorium or Cemetery, Doctors, Newspapers as required or instructed and account to you in our itemised account.