Direct Cremations & Burials

The simple, low cost funeral alternative

Direct Cremation or Burial

What is a direct cremation and direct burial?

Direct cremations and burials are a simple, lower-cost alternative to standard funerals. There is no funeral service at a direct funeral, which makes them the most affordable option. The deceased is taken straight from the funeral home to be cremated or buried, so you’ll only pay for the essentials, such as the coffin, funeral director’s fees and cremation/burial costs.

Direct burials are always unattended, but direct cremations can be ‘attended’ or ‘unattended’. At an attended direct cremation, a small number of mourners can visit the crematorium chapel to say goodbye. Alternatively, we can arrange a visit with your loved at our Chapel of Rest, which is located here on our premises.

How it works


We’ll collect your loved one and bring them in to our care


Our team will arrange a suitable time to discuss your funeral wishes


We’ll manage the funeral arrangements, taking care of all the finer details


Your loved one will be cremated or buried on a date and time suitable for the crematorium/cemetery


For cremations, we can collect your loved one’s ashes and bring them back to our premises


Organise a memorial or headstone, or choose a final resting place for the ashes if your loved one is cremated

What are the benefits of a direct cremation or direct burial at Dillamore?

A direct cremation or burial is significantly cheaper than a traditional funeral, without compromising the quality and care your loved one will receive.

You can say goodbye in your own way and on your own timeline, arranging a separate memorial or celebration of life service that feels more personal to your loved one.

Because there is no funeral service to plan and arrange, a direct funeral can help to reduce the feelings of stress and burden placed upon you.

Choosing Dillamore guarantees a caring, smooth and flexible experience. We go over and above to support the families we work with, and are here as long as you need us.


What’s included with a direct cremation or burial?

Direct Unattended
Direct Attended
Direct Unattended
+ third party disbursements
+ third party disbursements
+ third party disbursements
Our professional fees
Collection of your loved one (not exceeding 30 running miles) during normal working hours
A coffin
A vehicle
Up to 4 pall bearers
Up to 8 mourners at the crematorium chapel for a maximum of 10 minutes
Collection of the ashes back to our premises, if required
Interment of your loved one
Chapel of rest visits at an extra cost at an extra cost at an extra cost
A funeral service
An officiant
A choice of date and time for cremation or burial
Newspaper notices
Order of service sheets
Collection of charitable donations
A burial plot


What does ‘unattended’ mean? Angle Down

Unattended means that no one will be in attendance at the cremation or burial. A date and time is set for the funeral to take place, with no mourners in attendance. Our team will transport your loved one to the cemetery or crematorium, ensuring they arrive safely at their final destination.

Where will the cremation or burial take place? Angle Down

If you arrange a direct cremation through Dillamore, the cremation will take place at Bierton Crematorium. Direct burials will take place at either Vandyke Road Cemetery or Old Linslade Cemetery.

Can I choose when the cremation or burial happens? Angle Down

No. To help keep costs down, we will work with the crematorium/cemetery to find a suitable day and time for the funeral to take place.

How will I know when the cremation or burial takes place? Angle Down

Once a date has been set for the funeral, we will be in touch to let you know. We will keep in close contact with you throughout, ensuring you feel comfortable as arrangements are made.

Can I attend a direct cremation or burial? Angle Down

You cannot attend a direct burial, but you can choose between an attended or unattended cremation. Attended cremations allow a small number of mourners in the crematorium chapel for a maximum of ten minutes on the day of the funeral.

Where will my loved one be kept before the funeral takes place? Angle Down

Unlike many funeral directors, your loved one will stay with us at our premises on Old Road throughout their time with us. This allows us to provide the very best care for your loved one, and means you can visit them in our Chapel of Rest whenever you wish.

How soon will I receive the ashes after the cremation? Angle Down

Ashes will be ready for collection from our premises within seven days of the cremation taking place. We will let you know when they are ready for collection, and will hold on to them until you are ready.

Ready to find out more?

We hope this has answered some of your questions regarding direct funerals. If you would like to find out more, please complete the form or give us a call, our team will be happy to help.

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