Funeral Costs

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There are many things to think about and decide when arranging a funeral, and often a budget will need to be met to suit the family’s needs. It is a difficult time for next of kin or loved ones who are dealing with loss. We will always give you a breakdown of costs as part of our invoicing and suggest ways to help you plan a perfect but affordable funeral.

Funeral Examples

Bespoke Traditional Funeral Services Angle Down

From £2630 + Third Party Disbursements

A bespoke funeral will allow us to create a service that uniquely suits you and the wishes of your loved ones.

Bespoke traditional funerals usually range from £3500 to £4500 and the team at Dillamore is ready to offer advice if you need help or would like more information about what a bespoke service can involve.

Simple Funeral Services Angle Down

£1495 + Third Party Disbursements

A simple funeral will include everything needed to give your loved one a dignified and uncomplicated funeral which includes service, a coffin and all documentation taken care of by our staff.

A simple funeral does not include newspaper notices and service sheets and chapel visits can be arranged at an extra cost.

Direct Cremation Services Angle Down

£850 + Third Party Disbursements

A direct cremation allows our experienced staff to take your loved one into our care, completing all necessary documentation, providing a coffin and transfer to allow your loved one to be laid to rest.

A direct cremation does not include a service, service sheets, officiant, newspaper notices, or chapel visits.

Baby and Child Funeral Services Angle Down

The arrangement of a funeral for a baby or child raises choices which you may feel entirely unprepared for. Dillamore will offer as much support as possible to parents following a bereavement, and as part of this commitment, the funeral service we provide for your loved one is free of charge up to the age of 16 years old.

For children’s funerals, families will need to pay for ministers/officiants fees, plus any additional products and services that are not included in our Simple Funeral Service.

In England, cremation fees (including doctors’ fees for cremation documents) and burial fees (including the cost of a burial plot) will be claimed back from the Children’s Funeral Fund for England (CFF) on the family’s behalf.


About third party disbursements Angle Down

The funeral arrangements made for your loved ones can incur fees from third parties, from the church, crematorium, cemetery, doctor and officiant.

Dillamore will manage and distribute all of these required fees on your behalf to lighten the administrative burden at an already difficult time and provide full detail within your chosen service.

About Professional Funeral Director fees Angle Down

Our Professional Funeral Director Fee allows the team at Dillamore to plan and administer your service of choice.

It is a fixed amount which includes the completion of legally required documentation and the management of any disbursements.

On the day of the funeral, a Dillamore Funeral Director and their team of personnel will carry out your chosen arrangements with discrete efficiency and care.

Before, during and after the day, Dillamore will coordinate each step from bringing your loved one into our care through to the provision of vehicles, coffins and on-site facilities.