How long after death is a funeral Angle Down

Funerals are usually held a week or two after the death, however, it may be longer if your chosen funeral director, crematorium or religious institute only has certain days available or, if there is an inquest into the death of your loved one. Your religious beliefs may require you to bury your loved one as soon as possible and our team will be able to provide support to facilitate this.

How long does a funeral last Angle Down

A funeral service will, on average, be about one hour long, often followed by a longer reception or wake for mourners to comfort one another.

However, depending on the next of kin’s religious beliefs, a funeral could last several hours, whereas more informal funeral services can be as brief as 20 or 30 minutes.

Our best advice is to ask the family if appropriate, or you can contact the funeral director to ask if they expect the funeral to last longer than the average one hour.

Do you have to have a funeral Angle Down

There are no laws in the UK that enforce all people to have a funeral upon death, however, your loved one’s body will need to be buried or cremated when they pass away. Someone, usually a close family member, next of kin, or the executor of the deceased’s will, will be required to organise that.

There are many reasons for not wanting a funeral; perhaps that was your loved one’s wishes or perhaps the financial implications mean you can’t afford to hold a funeral. Whatever your reasons we can help you navigate this decision.

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Do you need permission to scatter ashes and can they be scattered anywhere Angle Down

In the UK, you are free to scatter ashes anywhere as long as you have the permission of the landowner. If you’re hoping to scatter the ashes of a loved one on public land, such as a forest or at sea, there are environmental guidelines covering some locations.

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Can you take ashes on a plane Angle Down

The short answer for this is yes, but it depends what your journey is.

The best thing to do is directly contact the airline to see what their policies are. Depending on where you are transporting the ashes to or from will require different information, and different airlines will have different policies regarding transporting a person’s ashes during a flight.

Often you are able to carry your loved one’s ashes with you as a carry on, although some airlines may need to check the container into the hold with the rest of your checked luggage.

If your journey has stopovers and consists of several flights, you will need to call each airline individually and make sure that your following flight connection is aware you’re transporting human ashes, and adhere to their regulations. If you wish to specifically keep your loved one’s ashes in your possession during all legs of your journey, you will need to choose an airline that suits your needs.

Once you have contacted the airlines and arranged the journey you will also need to contact the embassy of the country you’re travelling to. Some countries have no restrictions or requirements for travelling with cremated ashes, while other countries will not allow them to enter the country at all.

If you intend to scatter a loved one’s ashes abroad, secure written permission from the appropriate landowner, government or legislative body.

Do you have to wear black to a funeral Angle Down

No, you do not have to wear black to a funeral. However, it is best if you’re not part of the family organising the service to either contact them to ask what is appropriate or to dress conservatively, to avoid unintended offence.

How do I donate my body to science Angle Down

Making the choice to donate your body, brain, or tissue to a medical school or research establishment is a big decision, and informing your family and next of kin is important to negate any surprises or upset in the event of your death.

Once you have made the decision to donate your body, your donation will become an invaluable resource for training healthcare professionals and for research.

You will need to contact your local medical school or research facility who in turn can answer specific questions and provide consent forms.

There is a minimum age for donation in the UK and that is 17, and you will need to make your wishes known in writing (and witnessed) prior to death. If this is not completed, then consent cannot be given by anyone else after your death.

Does the coffin get cremated Angle Down

In the UK once the coffin is sealed, the body and anything the person is wearing, including jewellery, is cremated together. The cremated remains are better known as ashes and this is what you will receive back from the crematorium or funeral director.

Does it cost extra to transfer a deceased through different counties Angle Down

Though most people will choose to use a funeral director to transport the body of their loved one to the funeral ceremony, there’s no UK law that states that it is necessary for them to.

There is no charge for transporting the deceased across county boundaries.

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