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As your parents reach older age, or their health starts to deteriorate, you will likely find yourself thinking about a time when they are no longer here. As well as the worry and upset of losing someone, questions about their funeral may also arise.

Planning for someone’s death might not be something you had considered, but taking the time to make provisions in advance of a death can help to make the experience of losing someone easier to cope with.

In this blog we’ll tell you a little bit more about funeral plans and whether you can take a plan out for a parent or loved one.

What is a funeral plan?

A prepaid funeral plan provides the opportunity to pre-arrange a funeral in advance of someone’s death. Taking out a funeral plan serves two main purposes – to set in place all the wishes you have for a funeral and allow you to pay for the funeral in advance.

During the planning stages, your chosen funeral director will guide you through the arrangements and document all of your decisions. This means that when the time eventually comes, the arranging team can begin organising the funeral straightaway and much of the stress is removed. Whilst not every funeral cost will be included in the plan, taking out a funeral plan can help you to manage the cost of a funeral and potentially save you money.

There are many different providers of funeral plans, each with different specifications and offerings, so it’s important to do your research and find a plan that best suits your needs and the funeral you want.

At Dillamore we provide the Independent Way funeral plan from Golden Charter. Whilst some providers may limit your options with regards to funeral plans, or stipulate a specific chain of funeral directors, the Independent Way plan allows you to create a fully bespoke funeral at the funeral director of your choice.

What are the benefits of having a funeral plan?

One of the biggest benefits of taking out a prepaid funeral plan is the ability to pay for the funeral director’s services at today’s prices. The cost of funerals has risen dramatically over the past decade, outstripping the rise of inflation, so taking out a plan could result in a significant reduction in price than if you were to pay once the person has died.

In addition to this, having a funeral plan in place will help to save questions about a person’s wishes for their funeral. Everything is planned in advance, ensuring the guesswork is removed and the stress of arranging a funeral is reduced, giving the family space to grieve for their loved one.

Can I take funeral insurance out for my parents?

Yes, providing you have their permission. Many people take out funeral plans on behalf of their parents, a partner or close family member. When setting up the plan you will need to specify who the plan is for, and ensure that you are listed to act as the representative for the plan.

If you are taking a plan out on someone else’s behalf, it’s important to respect their wishes and get them involved in the planning process. Whilst no one likes talking about death, discussing a person’s funeral wishes can help a family come to terms with the future death of a loved one.

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